Friday, March 3, 2017

German Army - Fermin

Industrialized hazy sound hearkening to a distant future. Mechanical monstrosities replace living creatures and the new sounds are both fascinating an ominous. The landscape becomes dark as the sun starts to dim. Glowing eyes pierce the blackness and move forward in menacing melodies. Fermin is the future, where bulls are some cyborg hybrid of the creature they where before. Their systematic flight down constricted city streets creates tones causing inescapable dread. German Army is at the controls, methodical slow motion with droning patterns of splendor.    

Fermin is ten tracks clocking in a the half hour time mark. There is a big connection to early eighties industrial offerings from this German Army composition. One album this made me think of is Cabaret Voltaire's The Voice of America. The sound waves blur and Fermin delivers the advanced experience with a time rippled pattern of precise sonic maturity. Listening like a furnace burning fiercely for thirty plus years and coal being shoveled in the entire time. The plodding cadence marches through the entire composition and vibrations cause the surroundings to crumble. German Army has so many formations throughout their extensive catalog and Fermin weighs heavy with sonic armament. The fragrant smell at St. Fermin's grave has long been gone, but new sounds arise and give hope for a world in sonic mindlessness. 

This was released on NEN Records from somewhere in Russia. Most likely for German Army fans, they acquired a copy of this before cassettes completely sold out. There are no copies currently available from discogs. Not sure where else to look. You can listen to the entire composition on bandcamp and enjoy. Be sure to explore NEN Records bandcamp page, they rumble melodies with tank track might. 

NEN Records - bandcamp - facebook
German Army site - bandcamp