Saturday, March 11, 2017

rubella - the pit

Recondite Rubella surfaces in a thick plume of smoke and takes form. What you hear are wrung out punk/pop songs, musical liquid dripping and staining minds. Dark but not gloomy, hinging on the raw eighties full sonic explosion. The Pit is deep and there are some hooks on the way down. A cassette that gets better with every flip in the player.

Close to a half hour and consisting of twelve tracks. Interesting they are all titled with two words, like "tunnel five", "bad parts" and "bum steer". Rubella is noisy and filled with clamoring goodness. Erie vocals supported by even more wicked drums. The Pit is definitely telling a story of angst, using sophisticated musical skills. You can here so many influences but have a difficult time bringing one into the light for association. I worked at it though and have two; a late eighties band called B.A.L.L.
and there are also moments of the Residents for me. Rubella is uniquely out there in a dazzling sarcophagus made in the past to last through the future. The entire composition is on the verge of detonation with Rubella as the demolition professionals. 

Hand crafted collage covers for the cassettes. There is also a compact disc available. You can purchase this from their bandcamp page. This is really good work and deserves a late night listen!

This video is from Rubella's previous album survivor's guilt. Cool stuff!

rubella - bandcamp