alex keller and sean o'neill - kruos

The droning loneliness the spirit feels when separated from those we love. Commotion, like rounds of artillery being discharged in the slowly approaching distance. In order to quell the clarity of fear the mind assembles, the place and time become oddly peaceful. As if the experience is bestowed on one participant, one listener. Billions of souls living together hear only fragments and dismiss any relevancy. An audio odyssey entwined with depth and darkness, uniquely appreciated by those generating their own tranquility. 

Alex Keller and Sean O'Neill combine consciousnesses, delivering unfamiliar energy in an all consuming harmonious surge. Together, mining the currents of cosmic singularities. The final sounds escaping gravitational slide, as both everything and nothing are compressed into unknown space. Kruos requires your attention! Once this condition is met, your thoughts will be embraced by an undiscovered beauty. In this unilluminated aural space, the listener is granted an understanding of polarity. The end is also the origination. Pressure and darkness at ocean depths creates its own wondrous world. Kruos has achieved this in sonic stature. Gone so far into remoteness and unveiled sounds entirely new. The last bit of the composition reels back the exploration. The cumbersome clanging of the slow recoil. Eventually back to the world we know. 

Kruos is released by the excellent label Elevator Bath from Austin Texas. On clear vinyl and in an edition of two hundred and fifty. The artwork in vibrant gray scale on heavy jackets. Posters included while supplies are there. Every detail for this Elevator Bath heavy is meticulously crafted with love for sound. The tones within are reflections of this.  

In pre-order stage. Physical copies will be available on July 7th. 

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