Somewhere long ago a pattern and way of sound was unearthed, the glow emitted covered the globe with a half life that sustains itself through countless future decades. A delicately twisted harmonious jangle, where sonic beauty and fun swing side by side. A richness in craftsmanship and creativity in which sweet playfulness is never forgotten. Follow the sound tentacle that travels through time. To a gathering of like minded and the most well spirited tentacles. Only here, the source of what once was, can the future be.

STEREO NO AWARE has no lines to keep the flow of music within. An infinite source of influences only holding a ghostly form that resembles the past. These sounds spill over all genres creating a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle with a tie dyed smiley face as the picture the pieces create. Eleven tracks in total and within each, a small part of the world spins with flare and resonance. The head spring of such well crafted creativity is decades of sonic heritage gathered by musicians who love music. The melodies are intricate, combining traditional with the aural fringe. A process that could easily lead to disjointedness, but "the sound" is a smoothly polished composition. It is like rolling up the bands, XTC and Giant Sand, then baking the sonic dough to a perfectly formed hard pretzel. Twisted beauty from minds with a plethora of experience and skill.

This vinyl record titled "the sound" was released earlier this year. Pressings on black and random colors are currently available from the labels bandcamp page. The gorgeous colored vinyl is equaled with the vibrant and thick outer sleeve as well as an inner sleeve holding all of the lyrics. This Portland, Oregon band toured the west coast in the later part of the summer.

STEREO NO AWARE site - facebook - bandcamp

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