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Excessive Visage - You Are Lost Anyway

When so many genres of music collide there is an explosion. Ears bleeding as the mind tries to process what's beyond logic. Like the clever trick old sci-fi movies used to defeat the calamitous computer, present an unanswerable question. What kind of music is Excessive Visage? My mind hurts trying to write these words....

With a little bit of so many styles in You Are Lost Anyway, the best way to start would be to describe what stands out. The band by far. Larissa Blau, Torsten Lang, Simon Preuß, and Christoph Dehne, tight and rolling these tunes out together, yet playful and full of savvy wit. This is a very experienced group and they can rock with a landslide of power. Over forty minutes of notes and chords precisely laid out with perfectly attenuated percussion. All formulated and composed by some consortium of reclusive idiot savants who only live and breathe majestic rock album masterpieces. The music alone is a well achieved tricky beast, but add Larissa Blau and her voice. …

David Maranha - Cai​-​Bem

Interesting this album is titled Cai-Bem. The Portuguese to English translation loosely means goes good or sits well. David Maranha's new full length on Tanuki Records steers far from ambient float and spiritual fluff. These sounds do not sit well and the going is in another direction from good. So Cai-Bem? A smile when it came time to name this or some knowledge yet to be understood by the listening world. Theses musicians have created, or opened is a better term, a small dimensional valve. Noise is elongated and pulled from our reality. A droning epic slipping through a spacial gap to small for so much talent. This creates a sonic environment that is slightly uncomfortable. Like sound is being pulled out of you rather than flowing into your thoughts. Cai-Bem is an oddity with twisted beauty so askew, music scholars will need to investigate.

David Maranha gathered multiple hands in the composition of the album. His fellow creators moved in new directions, all playing unaccustomed…

Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci - Non-places

Sound augmenting the world around us. Fluidity around movement of people, now like ants across a circular globe. Captured here are emblems of noise made by constant flux. Is it chaotic? Yes, in small segments where listening is taken out of context. When the complete tapestry is done, crossroads of any batch of fibers zooms out to be only a micro cosmic look at singular moments. Hearing the over focused level, noise is only that, a blur or particular commotion. But as this hour long expose' unfolds, a complete and grand sonic landscape is exposed.

Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci amazingly meld together on Non-places. Music and field recordings throw any listener into a world where hours of travel are connected by hubs of commotion. As the distance increases, the entire journey melts together. In motion or stationary, bass strings ground the current of movement. The mind begins to flicker, as individual reality is bombarded by a colony of other existences interacting in every…

Thomas Grenzebach - Aleph/Twin

The lines of music and drone are blurring together. Thomas Grenzebach has complete control spreading your consciousness across four dimensional space. Grandiose in sheer subtle heaviness, but some how this composition floats across the sonic spectrum. An infusion of harmonic patterns into a heavy medium of compressed molecular sound. Drone music calling out into the ambient world of electronic haze. Echoes of mutated rhythms returned across infinite space, like the movement of galaxies across the universal void.

Thomas Grenzebach has two releases on this cassette. Aleph which appeared in January of this year, followed by Twin being released in April. Both EPs were compiled together to create one incredible cassette. Released by Cruel Bones in August. The total running time is around a hour and the the two EPs together are completely seamless and fluid. Thomas finds beauty in the bleakness of an industrial world. Having the essence of droning and clamorous mechanical processes, Aleph a…

Sasha Mishkin - Pastoral Breakfast

In some alternate dimension, Sasha Mishkin exists as a pixel amalgam of the classic composers. Organ played with a folk flamboyancy. Beautiful melodies lurking in hill top castles, dotted across eastern Europe. Promenading villagers, faces gleaming with warm smiles. Sasha's rhythmic cadence made even sweeter with beautiful voice. Everything swirling, sounds dispersing, only to reappear in new form and venue. Majestic music, floating through valleys with a timeless aroma of human sincerity.

Pastoral Breakfast is so uniquely refreshing. Around thirty six minutes of sounds you have heard before but never really heard. The first side is the Hegenberg Concerto, divided into three parts. No vocals, just mutating organ being played with a wide array of flavor. From cathedral to baseball park, Sasha has unlimited scope. This composition even connects with the vintage world of Sega games, think of Castle Vania or Altered Beasts. The second side seems to focus aural tethers and deliver a he…

Mario D'Agostino - Creatures of Sea & Seashore

Had to follow up the Zach D'Agostino & Noa Ver Sea Moss cassette with Mario D'Agostino's tape from the UK titled Creatures of Sea & Seashore. Just Lost in a Sea of Sound operating with notice to synchronous aspects of the oceanic environment.

Mario D'Agostino is using lyrics by T.B. Bagenal's The Observer's Book of Sea Fishes and I.O. Evans publication The Observer's Book of Sea and Seashore. This might seem odd, readings from books, but this is a magical and completely melodic encounter. A true work of art both in music and presentation. These sounds provide a lesson in biological evolution and at times have a catchy pop jangle. I think "Single-Celled Animals" exemplifies Mario's talent for euphony in the sonic realm. "Porcelain Crabs" could alternate as a favorite as well. His cassettes are all beautifully individually crafted and there are only twenty five to start. About twenty percent remain which means, if you like thi…

Sea Moss - Bread Bored

Sea Moss is dribbling a medicine ball on my brain and laughing during the process. An ear wax dissolving sonic incursion, only slowing down for bunker busting rhythms obliterating any remaining thoughts. Interesting is the title "Bread Bored". Not sure how the subject of bread mixes with tracks like "Wanna Sea a Trick?" and "Sea Section". If you were bred bored, there is good reason compositions would sound like this. An antithesis to anything placid. Brings to mind the band The Boredoms mixed under the depths with Scratch Acid, voila Sea Moss.

Zach D'Agostino is the musician continually punching you with ear piercing percussion. Noa Ver tracks electronics and delivers pressure compressed vocals, like directing an intersection on the ocean floor. Together these are the two pure forces behind Sea Moss. Lurking beneath the turbulent chaos are some extraordinary grooves. They seem to lap the edges of the tracks, becoming clear then submerging again with …

Scott Tuma - No Greener Grass

The spirit needs a place to rest, a harbor to recharge lost energy. Music has the quality to accomplish this, warming the soul; like a long burning fire in a stone hearth; the large dog sleeping near the door waiting for their friend; the oven casting fragrant aromas of a families long prepared recipes; loved ones assembled ready to listen, their sparkling eyes filled with genuineness; Scott Tuma playing guitar into the night, like he always has. Melodies like woven threads, bestowing serenity, making consciousnesses part of something bigger. These sounds are truth, the essence binding us together, an unembellished montage of the experiences all live.

Put your hands on this music and close your eyes. The energy travels from massive roots deep beneath the ground to tiny leaves reaching out into the atmosphere. No Greener Grass spans time worn decades, like the tree, existing in multiple mediums all at once. Twenty five tracks making up a double vinyl offering. Remarkable patience, glac…

Sunmoonstar - Rainbow Springs

A turning cylinder with nipples spaced in a pattern, causing small leaf like prongs to resonate. This is the base for a time worn music box. Sunmoonstar plays like this, but so incredibly advanced. When the lid is lifted an entire world is heard. Gone are the rudimentary mechanical devices, replaced by a mystical technology hidden beneath the confines of the enclosure. A vastly organic sparkling of sound. An ambient playground for nature bestowing it's hidden Rainbow Springs.

Listen closer, Sunmoonstar has channeled the harmony of detailed moments as the world speeds by in hectic duties to perform. Rainbow Springs is real. Just forty five miles from Gainesville, Florida where this aural conduit to nature has opened up. Crystal blue waters covering craggy limestone formations, radiant sunlight causing the scene to dance. The coolness of the spring pulling heat worn souls into it's depths. This composition seems to mirror the compelling reasons of nature's centering ability.…

Tristan da Cunha - Soçobrar

Footsteps on ice, a lumbering heavy weight on a crystalline medium. The music of Tristan da Cunha has this juxtaposition. Musical notes packed tightly, forming an unadulterated aural surface. Pounding percussion using heavy mallets, cracks forming, but the melodic landscape remains intact. Soçobrar is a simple warm fire in a world purposefully shut out. Where beauty rest in the basic tools of sonic survival.

Tristan da Cunha consist of guitars by Francesco Vara and the drums Luca Scotti. These instruments are tangled together, in some process of either freezing or thawing. Music molecules moving slow, grandiose in patient development. Nearly a half hour of sound painted vibrantly with only two hues. Primal and organic, Soçobrar seems as if it's existence has always been. Tribal rhythms echoing through time. Francesco and Luca have composed a ponderous and alluring cenotaph to the origins of instruments in cadence together. 

This was released on Cruel Bones label in the summer of …

Macho Blush - User Guide

Listening to music explode in slow motion. Sound shrapnel piercing protective veils of consciousness. Macho Blush resides inside the foxhole, plunging the classic T handled detonator. The title of her new release, User Guide is amusingly ironic. For the less than one percent who read, write or speak the language these tracks are written in, the assembly and control will be a cinch. Remaining listeners will be pleasantly astonished by sounds traveling in more than three dimensions.

Once this aural incendiary device discharges, thoughts will be strewn into bits and pieces. Chunky oddities, stuck in the nooks and crannies of the mind. Forcing a mental clean up crew of sorts, to sweep the area and try to make sense of what has happened. An infinite amount of sonic fragments dispersed across a world of listeners. Each hearing a slightly different tune. Some are pulled into the mesmerizing chant like whispers of Gina Probst. Others are driven away in fear of the swirling chaos. User Guide c…