Tristan da Cunha - Soçobrar

Footsteps on ice, a lumbering heavy weight on a crystalline medium. The music of Tristan da Cunha has this juxtaposition. Musical notes packed tightly, forming an unadulterated aural surface. Pounding percussion using heavy mallets, cracks forming, but the melodic landscape remains intact. Soçobrar is a simple warm fire in a world purposefully shut out. Where beauty rest in the basic tools of sonic survival.

Tristan da Cunha consist of guitars by Francesco Vara and the drums Luca Scotti. These instruments are tangled together, in some process of either freezing or thawing. Music molecules moving slow, grandiose in patient development. Nearly a half hour of sound painted vibrantly with only two hues. Primal and organic, Soçobrar seems as if it's existence has always been. Tribal rhythms echoing through time. Francesco and Luca have composed a ponderous and alluring cenotaph to the origins of instruments in cadence together. 

This was released on Cruel Bones label in the summer of this year. Fifty copies on white cassettes enclosed in beautifully printed boxes. Also on Compacy Disc released by Taverna Records and Delphic Records. The disc is available here.

Cruel Bones site - facebook - soundcloud 
Tristan da Cunha - bandcamp

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