Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci - Non-places

Sound augmenting the world around us. Fluidity around movement of people, now like ants across a circular globe. Captured here are emblems of noise made by constant flux. Is it chaotic? Yes, in small segments where listening is taken out of context. When the complete tapestry is done, crossroads of any batch of fibers zooms out to be only a micro cosmic look at singular moments. Hearing the over focused level, noise is only that, a blur or particular commotion. But as this hour long expose' unfolds, a complete and grand sonic landscape is exposed.

Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci amazingly meld together on Non-places. Music and field recordings throw any listener into a world where hours of travel are connected by hubs of commotion. As the distance increases, the entire journey melts together. In motion or stationary, bass strings ground the current of movement. The mind begins to flicker, as individual reality is bombarded by a colony of other existences interacting in every range of proximity. Non-places is a contemplative affair. Daniel and Cristiano have exercised harmonic development across a lengthy spectrum where music is a transitional glue. With their collective talent, any journey would be one to take.

This is released on September 30th by the Italian label Acustronica. Compact disc format housed in a beautifully printed tri-fold jacket. You will need to write to Cristiano Bocci and ask if he has any physical copies for sale (email on Acustronica page). For now, you can download Non-places from the Acustronica page in either FLAC or MP3 file format.

Acustronica site - bandcamp - facebook

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