Nagual - Clear III

Sounds from Nagual seem to gently blow through the consciousness. Sustained strings dancing in time. Notes lightly clattering in a building upheaval of radiation. Clear III resembles a day in sound, slowly rising like heat in the earth's atmosphere, then dispersing as the sun moves below the horizon. Warmth is the feeling most imparted by Nagual. Like the friction from gears in a wristwatch, small parts moving in a hidden harmony. Faintly heard when the world is quiet, but working ever loudly when the mechanism is pressed for audio clarity. Energy in motion and moving forward, sounds rattle and fill thoughts with infinite wonder. Ian McColm and David Shapiro are the force behind Nagual. This is a really beautiful release from sound to vessel.

Clear III is two six minute tracks, one on each side of an eight inch lathe cut released by Pidgin Records. Here is the website for Pidgen Records, this is Ian and Dave's label and everything should be there, also check their bandcamp page. The square 8" lathe cut was done Precarian Cuts and includes a note on the process and playing details. The most important fact to process is the extremely limited number of Clear III releases, just twenty five. Only six currently remain available. So do not wait.....

I added a short video clip of the record in motion. Sorry about the voices near the end. That was my family and not on the recording.


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