Zach Rowden / XEGNA

A spit cassette with Zach Rowden on one side and Jarrett Gilgore and Ian McColm as XENGA on the other. The double bass by Zach entirely fills the first half of this thirty minute cassette. Low droning vibrations, almost mechanical at times, continually maintaining sentient quality that languidly breathes out. The bass surging with effort as if the musician has found the exact tone, causing the material construct to disintegrate. As this ambient curtain of heavy sonic flux begins to lift, Zach seems to hold back the instrument as it pleads for reprise.

Xenga is so opposite from the fist side. Alto sax and drums played in a fifteen minute pandemic apocalypse. Ian a growing storm of percussion and Jarrett catching every beat with the sound hole of the sax. For musicians to thrive in the fringes, where music becomes chaos, it is truly amazing to see two connect so tightly. These sounds alone hold mayhem and sharp bites, but together they are there for each other. Balanced intensities falling from crescendos and climbing mountains together. A sonic mixed drink that goes straight to the bloodstream.

Released on Pidgen Records and available here. This was in an edition of eighty and was promoted on their tour together last year.

Zach Rowden - facebook - bandcamp
Ian McColm site- facebook
Jarrett Gilgore - facebook

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