Halfbird - Loomings

Halfbird is Brandon Conway, Ben Kates and Grant Pierce. Loomings is their cassette released on SDM Records from Portland, Oregon. Clocking in just under thirty minutes, six tracks of sonic atmospheric disintegration. A live recording where guitar, sax and drums seem to wrestle in a triangular mass, each with incredible foundations of fortitude.

All sounds on Loomings are pure form. No synthesizers and possible only a peddle for some shift in Brandon's guitar. This trio constantly transforms, Ben's Alto sax becoming almost a drone component, then forced to life by manic resuscitation. The guitar takes on similar characteristics, hovering in the corner then picking and slashing it's way in to the foreground. Probably the most constant component is Grant's drumming. There are moments when his percussion rest in some subdued facet of this spinning aural kaleidoscope, like in parts of the track Loomings. As a whole, the drums are the well formed bones of this trio, adding shape to menacing strings and very turbulent air.     

Available on SDM Records bandcamp page. Loomings is a 2017 Cassette Store Day release. SDM has more cool stuff to check out, so take a moment to explore.

SDM Records site - facebook - bandcamp
Halfbird - bandcamp - facebook

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