Hour - Tiny Houses

Snowflakes fall and the land slowly changes color of it's barrenness. What was once hues of varying shades of brown, now is covered in white. There is a beautiful uniformity to this new frozen blanket. Snow is a condition water molecules assume, and most humans are not readily equipped to fair for long times in total water environments. Listening to Tiny Houses holds these aspects for me. The music is gorgeously uniform from start to finish. Like the snow changing dreary earth tones to vibrant white, Hour takes placid moments and creates a woven harmonic quilt. But somehow i still feel like only a visitor in this aural land.

I think the setting is too intimate, the musicians connecting in some plane of existence only few can really go. Maybe the depth of consciousnesses combing together to create Tiny Houses has room for no more. This is the paradox because while listening to these tracks, you can not help but want to be part of this super chilled process. From the opening track, patience takes hold, providing an earth time natural pace. The interplay between instruments is orchestrated in the most technically casual manner possible. The songs meander on their own course, tones twisted slightly, creating angles from organic roots. The recording device used makes a slight ruckus in the corner, some buzzing static or clunk, trying to join in. Tiny Houses is filled with the perfect amount of ever so slightly off kilter euphony, like a symphony from a wooden music box.

Just released on the label Sleeper Records from Philadelphia. Copies are available from the labels bandcamp page. Hour is a really nice group of musicians, and this composition is perfect for many future listens.

Sleeper Records - facebook - bandcamp