Substrates - Lethean

Words are forgotten, only writing keeps them intact. Music is like this, and recording sounds ads multiple factors to harmonic existence. Substrates has caused a lapse from where the words once were. This EP titled Lethean pulls at the memory of music. References to help categorize are lost, the data banks wiped, only stretches of blank tape in both forward and reverse directions.

Start with only one descriptive word, "abounding" and build from there. Why this word? Because there is not any more to say. Lethean has erased the cache' of pastoral images used for past illustrative efforts. Four tracks in roughly twenty five minutes. Asked again, why only a single adjective? Because this is a really good one, just like the cassette by Substrates. Look up the word and all of it's synonyms. Listen to the EP, or better, order this on cassette or compact disc. The connection is there, and when both tasks are completed, this will all make sense.

Released on both tape and disc by the composer D. Dabek at the start of the year. The striking artwork by Clint Fulkerson. Thanks Substrates! Back on track now to fresh green notes. Copies are available from the bandcamp page.

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