Ant’lrd & Benoît Pioulard - Deck Amber - Double Cassette

This massive double cassette has a release date of June 1st. Looking at the two artists, Ant’lrd & Benoît Pioulard, pre-release sales could realistically be sold out by the time this description is finished. Currently nestled in on the fourth listen here at Lost in a Sea of Sound, still not sure what words can climb the ladder to describe how far and intense this aural landscape really goes. One thing for certain, listening sometimes is like looking out towards the ocean, watching the swells compact to form waves. Listening is also similar to floating in those swells, in abundance just out side of the shore break. To fully glean the resonant energy Deck Amber holds, go in the water.

With two cassettes packaged together and two artist sounds held within, the normal modus operandi would be a split with one tape each. Colin Blanton as Ant’lrd and Thomas Meluch as Benoît Pioulard have gone astray from set patterns. For the first cassette of the double, their experience has combined, taking love for texture in sonic form and synchronizing a fathomless composition. In addition, like a double bonus, the second installment is one solo side of each artist, Benoît Pioulard with Solivagance and Ant'lrd with Slow Dream. So Deck Amber has full atmospheric infusion.

With Colin and Thomas working together, it is very hard to discern where the aural creations originate from. The seven tracks on Deck Amber dive into a world where sounds immobilize the conscious. Daydreaming with focus narrowing in on one particular spot, the world around becomes a hazy sea of dissolving disturbance. There are two shorter tracks, serving as interludes in a sense. Collectively a tonal wall of droning decibels, peering over to see if something can be discerned beyond, only to be drenched by non contained sounds lapsing over. There is depth in this composition, defying abilities to understand. Where individual creative input blurs and becomes one entity.  Also speaking in measures, one key aspect is each artist's experience over long periods of time. A connection to early cassette recordings on labels like Stunned Records, Digitalis Limited and Tranquility Tapes to name a few. These features making Deck Amber incredibly special.

Benoît Pioulard has one side to himself titled Solivagance. These tones divide, one side pulling at the higher conscious while the other rests with the sub conscious. An aural output allowing patterns of thought to have firm tranquil foundations. Beautifully maintaining resonance on a difficult plateau to reach.

Ant’lrd's Slow Dream side finds firm ground in ritualistic patterns. Collin has channeled primal sounds from ancient cultures, slowly turning the dial and alternating the core. There are moments when these harmonies take a futuristic characteristic, revealing the cyclic patterns of civilizations in both temporal directions

As stated way back in the first sentence, Deck Amber is in the pre-release stage. Lost in a Sea of Sound has connected with Sound et al to help send out an early preview of this release. Sound et al resides in Portland, Oregon and has been around for a few years now. A very diverse and professional label offering, tapes, vinyl, t-shirts and sponsoring local shows and events. Check everything out, especially this release.

Sounds et al site - facebook - twitter
ant'lrd - bandcamp facebook
Benoît Pioulard site - bandcamp - facebook

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