Nagual/Tongue Depressor - "Split"

Are there worlds of sound still hidden and undisturbed? The fast paced hyper connection of cultures and countries, exposes the land. The final small pockets of music lifted up then a bilateral assimilation takes place. There is still aural landscapes where the corruption of information has not found. Here on this split with Nagual and Tongue Depressor, arrays of cacophony and solid blocks of drone. Intricacy and intensity, creating the most well balance sonic environment.

The Nagual side titled Concentric/Parallel, unleashes abstract objects, stretched and pounded by an unfamiliar dense atmosphere. These sonic mutations are torn from the roots and dragged across endless segments of land. Shuddering percussion rising from objects that have no ability to make a beat. This is an harmonic upheaval, the presence of unknown entities pegging all analog gauges. David Shapiro & Ian McColm have found a sonic plateau non have uncovered. A place where sounds cruise with menacing fortitude. Listen through and hopefully your consciousness won't get pinned under falling decibels.

The second side changes course, Tongue Depressor finds sonic beauty stretching thousands of years in both past and future directions. Titled Nearer the Cross, bowed strings wreathing with a mighty organic sigh. Sustained drone so vibrant, the details coil around your thoughts. Slowly squeezing, forcing the cerebral to vacate for physical reflection. Zach Rowden & Henry Birdsey understand the cyclic nature of harmony. Their droning force begins to wain as chaos shatters a thousand year continuum. Ancient Indian ragas disintegrate and will need to rebuild for another time.

This split was released on Pidgeon Records in an edition of ninety eight. Unfortunately all physical copies of sold. Both groups of artists have been at it for a long time, building large followings.
Keep an eye on Pidgeon Records, should have more this year.

Nagual site - bandcamp
Tongue Depressor
     Zach Rowden - bandcamp - facebook
     Henry Birdsey - bandcamp - facebook

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