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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bird Songs - In & Of

A world of reporting, important information relayed across molecular space. Life's moments captured, dialogue potentially never heard again. Stored somewhere on magnetic tape and now digital memory. Bird songs has spliced the reels, fed history across metallic heads, brought back moments time has buried. This process requires a soundtrack, In & Of is the complete resource. Ambient guitar landscapes backing forgotten people washed upon the shore. A delicate balance, augmented by some very choice field recordings.

In & Of starts off with heavy political reporting, Weather Underground launching a bombing campaign across the us in the late 1960's. Bird Songs creates an AM radio buzz while playing solemn melodies in accompaniment. The effect is very intriguing, nostalgic and relevant simultaneously. The second track seems a little more modern, and very tenuous. There is more fervor as the harmonies concur in magnitude. Sounds return to social struggles in the same time frame as the first track. The venue is the 1969 National Revolutionary Conference for a United Front Against Fascism. Another heavy, tying In & Of together. The finale is the most colorful, titled "Hope", showing everyone we need as much as possible.

Released in April in an edition of forty on Rok Lok Records. Bird Songs is Andrew from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He has created a moody composition, that remains solid across all five tracks. There are a lot of details in these recordings and the aural tones make this one to repeat many times. Copies are currently available from Rok Lok Records.

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