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Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Binary Marketing Show - Short​-​Term Fix For a Long​-​Term Death

In the depths of dreams, where disjointed sounds connect for no reason, becoming revelations for brief moments then crumbling as the conscious awakes, this is a Short​-​Term Fix For a Long​-​Term Death. Folk music separated by continental drift, left to evolve over an incomprehensible stretch of time. So long, organic origins have deteriorated, dusty electronics hiss, buzz and crackle, trying to continually share a love for music a culture had progressed to. Foundations in gorgeous music making, heard through unique creativity and layers of wonderful mystery.

These ten track will require repeated explorations before bearings come into focus. The Binary Marketing Show has a dream like quality, aural foundations in the fleeting moments between wake and slumber. A place of all things making sense, yet the mind smiles with feet on the table because nothing is really what you think. The really fascinating qualities of Short​-​Term Fix For a Long​-​Term Death are the illusions of sing along vocals and cadence. These attributes can be heard vividly in the fields of high wavering grass, only to be consumed by wind and rustle when any attention is turned to investigative direction. The gist of what these words are doing their best to convey is, don't think too much, only listen and succumb to beautiful creativity. Abram Morphew and Bethany Carder are making sublime sounds in a world of immediate reveal. Digital investigations fortunately can not touch their source for the love of music they cherish. Short​-​Term Fix For a Long​-​Term Death can not be explained and that is it's best virtue.

Scheduled for release on Friday, June 29th. This is one of the rare occasions Lost in a Sea of Sound's words come before the release date. Excuses for not ordering a copy will be justified only from their sources. And there are two choices, the cassette, used for this write up, and black vinyl for the analog groove enthusiast. Released in quantities of one hundred and three hundred respectively. This is also a label conglomeration of New York's Already Dead Records & Tapes and Kalamazoo's Satellite Records.                       

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