The Doll - Hiss

Sounds escaping from time. Like watch dogs or guards, recording devices are positioned on make shift perimeters. There is no struggle, sonic patterns are captured on magnetic tape or in binary form. This aural pool is full of all noises, initial vanguard cacophony sacrificed without hesitation. Soon the instruments used to keep the Hiss contained within a specific time frame will reach capacity. The machines will begin to frizzle and wail in their own mechanical way. Creating more sounds, new notes, bleeps and blurps to join the departing throng.

The Doll is coltish and also very sussed. Hiss is brought to life with the most basic tools. Combing melodies, noise and field recordings, listeners are pulled into a world of imagination. An industrial play ground brought to burbling life by creative force. What remained motionless and silent was bestowed energy and purpose. Hiss has eight tracks with mostly one word descriptive titles like, Saw, Static, Wheel, Radiator and Bubblewrap. All clues to what interest the The Doll at the time. The track Home Sweet Home combines the surrounding world in field recordings with that of The Doll. Maybe indication this artists is of our world, or at least here for a spell.

Released this month, Big Sleep Records produced fifty copies of Hiss. This is the first release for the label this year. Lost in a Sea of Sound has described previous Big Sleep Records outputs here. If you want to continue exploring, The Doll has many recordings on their bandcamp page ready for listening.

Big Sleep Records - bandcamp
The Doll site - bandcamp