Ebauche - Formic Syntax

Test the sound waters before sinking in, Ebauche lurks in the depths with the alien creation of Formic Syntax. Droning wash reaching beyond both audible and visible thresholds. Beats and rhythms cruising these vast spaces, like prehistoric predators in a world only fossils can give hint to. In this paradoxical environment, where the whole of life flourishes over eons and individual life randomly ends in the surprise of a second, Formic Syntax is the soundtrack. Beautiful ambient density, sonic pressure measured precisely, consciousnesses balanced in some ethereal buoyancy. These lengthy pieces are interrupted by digital charges, exploding with angular notes. Ebauche creating both serenity and disruption.

Ebauche is musician Alex Leonard, currently residing in Berlin, with sounds dating back to 2001. Formic Syntax joins another 2018 release title Mutable, making these Ebauche's first outputs since 2015. With seven tracks spanning roughly forty five minutes, this Cosmic Winnetou cassette encapsulates the solid spectrum of diversity Eubache reigns over. A slow ambient build up from the start, lost in the tinged hue of an unfamiliar aural atmosphere. The peacefulness steadily fractured, exposing thoughts thought successfully hidden. The mental state in some feverish boil, the mind is being cooked. Ebauche pushes to the bottom, heavy beats compromising any safety features listeners held on to. But just before the inevitable implosion, the sonic weights are shed away. Ambient lightness is heard again, and tranquil states are sustained with earnest gratitude.

Released in August as part of the fourteenth Cosmic Winnetou Batch. Although the entire batch is not an option, copies of Formic Syntax are available from the label's website. These are some serious sounds, be ready for a sonic dive to new listening fathoms.

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