Nagual & Zach Rowden - s/t

In the forests of Virginia, molecular density is being sliced with the seldom used four man cross cut saw. Teeth arranged bidirectionally, each two second pull shredding living layers decades took to create. The consciousness is arboreal in essence, age building concentric rings, time creating protective mental barriers. Thought structure behind years of experience, well adapted to prevent unfamiliar sensations direct access to the spirit. Nagual & Zach Rowden wield the equivalent four man cross cut saw in sonic form. Their collective sound finding the path straight through to listeners core.

Two side long tracks on this composition. Four talented artists, Nagual who are David Shapiro, Ian McColm, and Stefan Christensen, all playing guitar. And Zach Rowden playing the electric bass. The first side cuts the constructs mental fabric. Sustained notes and feedback at a pitch burrowing straight through the any tranquil hand holds. The entire side somehow epitomizing experienced laid back delirium. Nothing seems overdone or forced. The second side begins with a slow resonating build up with droning bass. Menacing guitars circle like birds of prey as the bass emits a sonic resonance all are attracted to. The attack tears into all who listen, leaving thoughts exposed to decomposing forces.

Released in the last part of August in an edition of one hundred and six. Copies are available from Pidgeon Records. Looking at previous releases and quantities, this cassette should sell out relatively quickly. Nagual & Zach Rowden have been making music in many different fashions for a long time, earning a very solid following.

Nagual site - bandcamp - facebook
Zach Rowden - facebook - bandcamp

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