Günter Schlienz - Collage Tristes

What is this.... A Günter Schlienz release that has not completely sold old within a week! An edition of eighty CDRs released just a little over a month ago. This time on the eccentric Was Ist Das? label from the heart of the southwest, Phoenix, Arizona. A combination of artist and label fitting together like German watch gears, silently spinning, a microcosm of sounds now brought to audible levels. And as the title implies, Collage Tristes is definitely filled with a myriad of rotating sound parts. It could be a little melancholy, but only in a somber sense, there is only sadness if it is already in your heart.

Two tracks, equally divided over forty five minutes. For Mr. Schlienz, Collage Tristes seems to whirl in directions not taken in many of his releases. A collection of magnificent melodies escaping all descriptions. Like looking at time lapsed photo over countless evenings, showing the hues of a setting sun. Both words and pictures struggle to convey the vibrancy of emotion associated with the physical aspect of being "in the place". The transcendent characteristic of this composition is the fine line these sounds perch on. As example, near the end of program un, an old piano radiates forth, the timbre releasing nostalgic sentiment from the consciousness. Each listener's experience will be different, both happiness and sadness present and intertwined in so many thoughts. Collage Tristes pushes gently on the sentimentality we all possess, each transition in sound creating contemplative pathways for all to follow. The entire album going to the depths Günter Schlienz can fathom. The changing density of the medium is the only difference with Collage Tristes.

Was Ist Das? still has a few copies of this CDR still available on their bandcamp page. Once there, be sure to go to the website, so much love and work for describing and promoting music in creative fashions.

Günter Schlienz site - bandcamp
Was Ist Das? site - bandcamp - facebook