Energy ☆ - Energy ☆

In the recesses of the night, where artificial glow of modern civilization is defeated by darkness, Energy ☆ is found. Ambient tranquility constructed from late at night excursions into the city. Rhythms and beats gathered from the din of vibrant venues exceeding curfews of closing times. These sounds have been transcribed, sinking into the woods and groves dotting secluded islands around the globe. What once was cold angles of concrete and steel, is now fine sand and rustic bamboo. A connection still exists, only the new direction feels fantastically more radiant.

There is an organic quality to Energy ☆. Either African or Polynesian, something tribal swelling up and steaming from the surface. Five tracks in just over forty minutes allow listeners to absorb this subtle feeling. The skillfulness which translates to beauty is simply, "nothing overdone". The two artists forming this project, Camilla Padgitt-Coles and Bryce Hackford have great experience and have applied perfectly pleasant amount of patience. So much at times, these sounds slip into the graceful drone realm. This attribute is well represented by track four, the longest of these compositions. These sounds are like cuneiform inscriptions over an EDM genre, past or future a perspective determined by each listener.

Released on the Brooklyn label GALTTA in the first few days of November. This cassette is in an edition of one hundred with copies currently available. Bryce Hackford has more releases to explore here. Camilla Padgitt-Coles with a project called Ivy Meadows here. GALLTA has also pushed out two more recent releases (cassette and vinyl) that should be checked out as well.

GALTTA site - bandcamp - facebook
Camilla Padgitt-Coles site
Bryce Hackford site