Günter Schlienz - Liederbuch

Back to back description for releases on Muzan Editions. This time from the prolific Günter Schlienz. Like German Army, Günter has compositions manifesting around the world and with equal selling ferocity. Another similarity is the deviation in sound chosen for the Muzan Editions edition. Liederbuch is exactly that, six songs playing like chapters in a book. Varying diversity, both in style and tempo, but unfolding so fluently together. These compositions are a complex menagerie of rhythms and tones. Ever so slightly deranged, like the immediate confluence of two rivers, unlike waters meeting and colliding only to produce a more grand augmentation.

Six tracks crossing molecular space in just over forty minutes. Sounds creating an analog path with firm ground underneath and copious sparkle above. Günter Schlienz is well adept at creating this duality. A tranquil placation of the spirit while the will-o'-wisp performs it's ritual. The consciousness is pulled forth, but physical form has fused with temporal existence. The last two tracks are most unique using vocals for each; The basilic "Stauboper", with David Callahan's monastic timbre. Teresa Smolnik with ethereal power on "Coda Forever". Both beautiful departures for this eclectic wonder.

The final similarity to the Muzan Editions German Army release, Liederbuch is sold out as well. The digital is ready for listening and there is currently one copy for sale on discogs. If you want to get in front of Muzan Editions releases, check out and pre-order the newest edition by Aidan Baker titled Deer Park. Equally exceptional as well.

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