333REDUX - Various Artists

Arvo Zylo works like a clock gear in a tower of sounds. This compact disc release by No Part of It, is a selection of various rudiments making up 333REDUX. How do you abridge over three hours of music, videos and thirty three artists to something smaller? Those questions can only be answered by Arvo. This disc release can be thought of more as a place holder, like a book mark in a varying array of sounds. Having a soundtrack version of a massive DVD, provides the listening world one more stepping stone to find the path. A craggy trail leading to a darker worlds of sharp angular sounds, rhythms forged by static charges and harmonies heard in negative parallax.

Most of the artists on the full length version are unknown to Lost in a Sea of Sound. This fact carries over to the compact disc edition. What is recognized... Bob Bucko Jr., Sudden Infant, Somnoroase Păsărele (on DVD) and Arvo of course. Basically only ten percent of the total on either format. Musicians wielding energy, moving giant blocks of sound with thought and creativity, 333REDUX  awakens the mind to a vast unexplored world. An artist like Dave Phillips for example, twenty years of audio artistry, is new to these ears. Bob Bucko Jr., known and even described on this site, but playing in a different dimension. The mysterious Comfort Link, creeping up from the depths and covering thoughts with warmth and wonder. Just found out about this project from describing a release from the label sPLeeNCoFFiN. Protman, drilling into the mind with electronic insect bores. Critter Piss laying waste to the world with massive percussive explosions and alien wails of turmoil. These are just a few descriptions and thoughts from so much more.

Thank you Arvo. Like an older sibling, you have shared your musical enjoyment with someone who did not know. Copies are available from the No Part Of It bandcamp page. Also the full DVD is an option as well. The sounds from the entire full length 333REDUX are included digitally with the compact disc purchase.

No Part  Of It site - facebook - bandcamp

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