EaViL - Les Fleurs du Mal

EaVil is causing thoughts to convulse. Time is receding, rolling back through the decades, the audio path can not fixate. Even though Les Fleurs du Mal is a collection of works recorded over many years, the influences and approach span far more girth. Influences from late seventies, through the eighties and on, the diversity on this composition touches a world of sound. Trying to accurately describe Les Fleurs du Mal is a challenging endeavor. An obtuse connection to The Residents, even more undefined impulses from early Jah Wobble, SPK, pop, dance, industrial... an explosion of musical creation reaching a vast proximity and leaving a uniquely specific detonation zone.

If unfamiliar with EaVil, know this sonic experience is far ranging and is an emotional reservoir of many years of creation. A myriad of sonic wavelengths compacted down into an hour or more, possibly causing a conscious overload. Fourteen, seventeen tracks and more, the label No Part Of It, has all who purchase extra covered. The compact disc used in this descriptive effort has three more selections than on the listenable stream. The download is stated to have twice the amount of material. No worries for those experiencing the the base offering on bandcamp, there is plenty of diversity.

N. Vilches and E. Al Dente are the artists making the EaVil duo. Read the No Part Of It description here on the bandcamp page to learn more about their history.  "The Flowers Of Evil" is a collection of songs from the tandem's lengthy time together. Selections spanning over a fat few years and consisting of EaVil's multifarious submerges into a pressurized world of unknown sounds. Deconstructed covers of Nico, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Prince grace this assembly. Live and unreleased material are also included. Vilches and Al Dente live in a world of non traditional punk music, sounds so their own, without real concern for those listening. Popped music fractured by generational toxins, a cauldron filled with sprigs of love of the symphonies around them.

In today's world of music, many labels have reached back, bringing sounds from the past to new listeners. Some times the process is merely vinyl version of what has been heard countless times. Other times labels are collecting and vaulting forward vast works by artists who have come and gone. No Part Of It has successfully tackled and pinned the later. Much appreciation for pushing this listener's attention to old and new, missed and now found sounds.

Copies are currently available from the label's bandcamp page.

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