Little Lizard - Premium Vanilla

Breaking the surface from a chip tuned landscape, a faint funkiness grows audible shoots. Was there every a SEGA cartridge for a Rasta run through Kingston? Charging up by making 45s at the studio then embarking on the journey home, avoiding police and thieves. Little Lizard did the soundtrack for that enterprise. Now these adventurous creations are available as Premium Vanilla on cassette!

Shea Daniel and Lizz D are the duo comprising Little Lizard and this is their debut LP. Nine tracks of sweet bass lines and ska like trombone. Yes, there is synthesizer glue and tacked beats holding everything together. Analog and analog squared sounds intertwined, reaching back through the decades. These melodies hold playfulness like a painting seen at a distance. Step closer and look at the detailed brush stokes, talent and thought abound making Premium Vanilla much more than the series of samples so many listeners click through. This is really a full force bass and trombone duet, with a maniacal Casio refusing to be quiet. Thank goodness it's computer brain loves to get in a groove.

The first listen to Premium Vanilla makes the mind wonder... what is happening and where did these tunes come from. Now Little Lizard has whispered in the ear and explained how good weirdly different is. Released by Little Lizard and not on a label. Not sure how many copies there are, but tapes are available from the bands website.

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