Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci - Wooden Mirrors

Music finding roots, the heart feeling at home. The double bass crosses many genres, and with two, exponentially expanded. Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci take these sounds to town straight away. The opening track and the composition title, a most pleasant cruise in a world of deep resonance.  The ride begins with a heavy mass of jazz undertones played freely and with excellent restrain. This world gradually dissolves as one double bass begins it's low howl, the bow now gliding across the strings. The second bass joins and a very classical feel is born. This brief interlude ends with both Daniel and Cristiano setting bows down and inching their fretwork up the neck. The next transition is slightly more chaotic, both tempo and tone with a quicker pulse. This style seems to slip through any genre nomenclature, with a final foray of double bass bows bidding a triumphant departure. Many styles have come to confluence and many listeners should be very satisfied.

The second track, "From a Concourse" is much more deviant. Daniel continues on with the bass while Cristiano hones and curates the electronic structures. The new sonic environment expands and corrodes in simultaneous instances. Static turbulence with thoughts of equipment malfunction, pulsating rhythms providing a canvas for the lone bass. Sounds with severed roots, decaying sonic frameworks making this second selection an excellent companion to the first.

Well manicured diversity all of the way through Wooden Mirrors, many transitions but silently seamless. The compact disc was released on the Plus Timbre label from Athens, Greece. Many sounds to explore on the labels bandcamp page, but start with Wooden Mirrors!

Plus Timbre site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter
Daniel Barbiero site
Cristiano Bocci site

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