naps - better to give

The confluence of ambient worlds, a consciousness channeling outward through current electronics as subtle natural surroundings well up. Naps finds home here. Two mediums, thought and environment, with vastly different constructs, both reaching back to the same origin. Interesting how emotions and feelings rely heavily on the surrounding landscape and increasingly more, this fostering habitat depends upon the feelings of all the souls it harbors. A topic for future discussion, but relevant in what is being heard now on better to give.

Jason Calhoun has found home on Lily Tapes and Discs with previous Naps releases. There is also Bridgetown Records full length from 2016. The common factor of all three of these featured recordings, they are sold out. Now the Omaha, Nebraska label Gertrude Tapes has a very limited full length, in an edition of fifty at almost forty minutes of recording time. Hopefully this helps to quantify the how special Jason's forays into beautiful concurrence are. 

Within the long tracks on better to give, naps melds sounds with extreme skill. Delicate patience... a drone record absorbing the atmosphere it exists in. A landscape filled with old imperfections, part of the unique beauty holding true throughout the majority of naps' sound. Simply explained, within this aural panorama, the erosion of what were once blemishes has coalesced with energy growing around it. Think of a ship sunk to become the base for a coral reef. Jason's clunking start of the tape player has resonated for so long, the sound feels nostalgic and warm. Mechanical din that gives groundwork for an industrial world, all having become part of the allure the mind holds sweet. A tranquil heavy with some fine crazing (pottery term), outstanding from start to finish. Thank you naps and Gertrude Tapes.

Copies are currently available from the label's bandcamp page. Don't wait on this.

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