Bitter Fictions - Walker

From crystalline tones to distorted droning haze, Walker imparts qualities of the world around us. A paned window in an old house, the glass is etched by years of exposure. The crisp clear view now hazy and filled with heavy nostalgia. Either condition holding their own merits of beauty, but "well worn" takes time to achieve and is held by deeper roots through the physical fabric. Bitter Fictions rests in these foundations. Beautiful sounds that have tolled for ages, clarity replaced by virtues that can not be duplicated. The sonic path is specially eroded and filled with unique tranquility.

Like the incomprehensible amount of time this world has seen, Walker breathes slowly and deep. Forty minutes on this cassette, divided among six tracks. From the beginning, "stumbling down that hill", sounds travel from clear collecting pools, through sparse and rugged terrain, then finally disperse into the myriad of frayed ends. Like the cassette itself has deteriorated over decades, clarity behind a film of settling residue. The beauty remains, muddled in it's own distinct way.  The last track on the first side "thaw", adheres to it's name. A surfacing of clearness, distorted guitar bellowing forth, like church bells gone awry. The second side breathes more lucidly through the gnarled decay of time. The first two tracks, a lullaby of strings and drone. The serenity dissolving near the end of the longest track, "youth angered by world writes first poem". Immeasurable static feedback settling over majestic strings. The final selection is perceptibly precise, everything that has come before packaged in a closing adieu.

Released on the label Shaking Box out of Montreal, Québec. In cassette form consisting of fifty in this edition. Bitter Fictions is Devin Friesen and his work extends back through the years. Walker is an excellent example of how creativity, experience and patience can culminate delicately distorted beauty. A alluring sonic foray into the haze we all reside.

Shaking Box site - bandcamp - instagram
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