Gadgen / Caribbean Health - PLEB TALK

Listening and writing about music is like driving along and encountering sporadic road blocks. Very often, and it seems like this is exponential, a composition will throw question marks out. Just like the obstacles on the path, albums require time to navigate around. This equates to listening again and again, familiarizing and becoming comfortable. Amazingly during this process, sounds begin to weave their way into what makes us relaxed. PLEB TALK is an excellent example for this process. A deeply thoughtful collection of songs all turned slightly askew. Reality to dreams, consciousnesses touching, the physical world only held by one remaining tether.

Trevor Coleman is both Gadgen and Caribbean Health. The first project name was used early in his work, connecting these tracks to fledgling creativity. Also good indication of how close to the heart these tunes are. The first side is filled with upbeat rhythms, a groovy haze of timeless song writing. There is a fragile quality, like these tracks were not intended to be heard by a larger audience. A delicate fineness that takes a breath of understanding, beauty from far within. The second side follows suite, happiness and melancholy, carelessness and concern, Trevor creates these gems on the precipice where feelings can climb higher or plummet below. The last track completely explodes, a one man Tonestartbandht in free psychic expression. This balances the entire composition and shows how diverse and talented Trevor is.

Released on Already Dead Tapes and Records four weeks ago. This is Caribbean Health's second release, the first titled WORMS? was back in 2017 and was digital only? Not sure about that but physical copies of PLEB TALK are currently available. David Drucker from Already Dead has an excellent write up on the bandcamp page.

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp
Caribbean Health - bandcamp
Trevor Coleman - facebook

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