German Army - No No Boy

German Army has run conduit through time. Connections with sounds from the early eighties, nostalgic and understood. Moving forward into the unknown future, sounds echoing wonder and intensity. This is the table setting German Army places down. Comfortable well worn aural landscapes making you feel at home, while serving heaps of fresh creativity never experienced before.

The new composition titled No No Boy is a massive fourteen track en devour. Amazingly all of these selections are similar in length. This provides the ability to change throughout, but years of experience keeps the entire listen congruent and meaningful. The use of vocal tracks is heavier than past releases and with this attribute comes well manicured textures. Song to spoken word, present yet still distant, never overdone. Tried to do homework and connect No No Boy with great albums from the past. There are some loose threads, they would only serve to send readers on wrong paths, so none worth writing. German Army is very adept in their own body and this serves as good reasoning for the large fan base they carry. This release is extremely approachable, a multitude of variants in rhythmic trance. Surely one will lift an ear, but the whole is the real treat. Deep percussive rumblings close to distortion, difficult to decipher spoken words from non current time. A sonic reflection of the troubling lost identity the character Ichiro was tormented by in the novel No No Boy by John Okada. German Army providing meaningful purpose in album and track titles once again.

Released on cassette by the label Phormix from Athens, Greece. Not sure how many are in this edition, but copies are currently available. Looks like they will not last, since almost everything on the label has sold out and this is a German Army Release.

Phormix - facebook - bandcamp
German Army site 

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