Gwasg Gelert - Y Côd Da Vinci

Thema Sophie, the third track on Y Côd Da Vinci has been on the listening heavy rotation for weeks now. An eight minute thriller with grooved out ties to all things futuristic and fiction, but the controversy regarding this entire release kept chipping away at the pure bliss of it's allure. Every track filled with highly refined components of spoken word, in Welsh, and sinuous synthesizer melodically permeating all natural gateways in the consciousness. This slick cassette released by Strategic Tape Reserve is fantastically just "to cool". There is already worry stemming from the many repeated listens if some internal reprogramming has been accomplished. 

Even the source of Y Côd Da Vinci is blatantly an issue. Why did I keep listening? Sure the back story was intriguing, Y Côd Da Vinci, a Welsh phenomenon of bootleg acclaim. The publishers, Gwasg Gelert, seemingly persecuted by English authority, gives affinity towards the creators. And of course Strategic Tape Reserve's involvement, those well penned machinators. Look at the first word in the label's name, "Strategic". It's like a club to the back of the head and as the ground approaches from the fall, the words "I'm an Idiot" kept flickering through.

This is an awesome collection of tracks, playing like an OST from a science fiction story you were individually priveldged to take in. But true realizations have their way of exploding in the pathways of listening enjoyment. The question that kept surfacing, "how many people speak and read Welsh?". From a 2011 census, only nineteen percent of residents over the age of three. Why such a fuss over The Da Vinci audiobook in Welsh? Maybe the spoken words in this Strategic Tape Reserve Release are using this relatively unknown language to convey nefarious messages.... Like buy those cans of Cawl of the grocery shelf, hanging a Gareth Bale poster on the wall and possibly following Strategic Tape Reserve on twitter for your continued assimilation. 

All of this skepticism could possibly be out of place. The best suggestion is to read the descriptive story of Y Côd Da Vinci on the bandcamp page. This will allow you to grasp all of the issues, the backstory, the release, the label, everything is just to good. This is easily one of the best releases listened to this year so far, but there is concern. Asking a Welsh person to translate.... only a 19% success rate. Do hurry though, only twenty five of these cassettes were released. They are currently available, but will not last very long.

Strategic Tape Reserve link - bandcamp - twitter

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