Partials Vol. 2 by Various Artists

Deep in the cortex of rhythmic tranquility, sounds sustaining zero gravity momentum. Tones are stretched through space, undulations smoothed into droning streaks. Cosmic debris is the only variance. Here the patterns fluctuate, sometimes chaotic vignettes are formed, but more often simplistic arrays of aural beauty. The energy moves on, past planetary wreckage, in the midst of microscopic dust fields, then emptiness again. Partials Volume Two is filled with the conscious projection of fourteen different artists. Each responsible for an onslaught of splendor, the trans-galactic endeavor all listeners will take.

There is an abundance of excellent creativity to absorb on this compilation. The requirements... your attention is needed. Without this time, Partials Volume Two, will disperse it's energy before realization occurs. Case in point, at some point during track eleven, where guitar and voice are melodically emitted by Negra Branca, questions concerning the previous ten tracks will surface. The next track, comet tracer by Plant43, vaults the consciousness back on path. A particle burner, jubilant electric pulsations for space dancers. Finally, a fitting piano laden adieu by Constantine ft. Christos Sakellaridis. Where did the first ten selections go? They were blown apart by the Bombe Dub of Spatial. In the fringes of the sonic explosion, A Lost in a Sea of Sound favorite Patrick R. Pärk, along with Ali Wade providing complex rhythmic signals across the emptiness. Directional corrections for the drifting drone of artists like, Shasta Cults and Southfacing. There are many more excellent entries not noted, these remain for listeners to discover.

Changing formats from cassette to compact disc, The London label Frequency Domain has crafted their second compilation. Set for a release date of June 3rd, fourteen artists most enthusiastically supplying sounds that are balanced together for a well deserving cause. One hundred and fifty beautifully packaged copies, this one needs listening time by all means.

All proceeds from Partials Volume Two will go to Eden Restoration Projects. A non profit organization helping to alleviate extreme poverty and restoring vibrant forests around the world.

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