Peter Kris - Afternoons In The Valley

Suspended in sonic fibers, delicate strands made fragile by their lengthy existence. The network of melodic tones woven through the consciousness, these sounds are part of the cortex. Flickering feelings, melancholy slowly surging then lifted to higher vibrations. Everything seems so distant, existence is only a point on a line with infinite ends. Peter Kris is the line at infinity, he is his own compliment, and because of this his own anticompliment. Taking thoughts and sentiment from those who will listen, sending everything back in echoing beauty.

Afternoons In The Valley covers many aural square miles. Twenty three tracks across two cassettes. The shortest and longest selections ranging from two to six minutes. These sounds turn quickly, but there is a lazy feel to the entire composition. Melodies moving like Sandhill Cranes, a carelessness concerning the world around, momentum evolved over time periods most can not comprehend. The primordial sounds emitted spark wonder with how distant the connections are. Afternoons In The Valley plays on, going through chapters of a long novel with ease and extreme interest. A rhythmic undertone holding aspects of earliest existence, floating harmonies materialized from uncharted venues. The guitar work of Peter Kris provides the affinity for everything. His patience on the strings serves as the mucilage holding all tracks together. And with these notes, the creation of a familiar sonic landscape many listeners will find their own tranquility in.

Coinciding with the beautiful sounds from Peter Kris, awareness of cool labels around the word is an equally appreciated aspect. This time sonic matter settles in East Montpelier, Vermont, specifically at Histamine Tapes. Using reclaimed cassettes and vintage books, making art from the almost emptiness. With a catalog dating back to the beginning of 2018, all releases in very limited runs, there is much to explore and many releases have only a few copies remaining.

Unfortunately Afternoons In The Valley is no longer readily available in physical form. This edition consists of a pair of cassettes in a book like case, unique artwork for each copy. Two photos are included with track line ups for each tape printed on the the back. Maybe thirty copies tops, not sure but they are old sold out. The digital is there to preview and purchase (at your price). Definitely listen, an excellent composition with many repeated plays waiting. 

Histamine Tapes site - bandcamp - facebook
German Army site  

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