Rambutan - The Temple of Echo 3

A sonic landscape exuding delicate qualities of what can be understood, but this is only a fragile mirage of a unexplored vastness. Rambutan sends listeners back through time, to ancient civilizations where celestial knowledge factored in with life itself. Tranquil serenity, saturated over centuries by the cosmos and the voice it renders. Mystic tones dancing through cyclic rituals, their interaction with distant worlds is only imagination in present day. This is the natural beauty of Temple of Echo 3, a shimmering focus on past enlightenment.

The sounds on this composition slowly engulf thoughts, like fog surrounding mountain tops or tides taking land away, the process is difficult to fathom. Much effort is exerted in trying to connect Temple of Echo 3 with current similarities, but these tones remain elusive. Melodies configured in friendly guises, yet containing sharp edges of disrupt. Rambutan taps ancient energies, from times when beauty and danger were the composition of all living things. The second to last track, "Parasitic Demand" is an excellent example both in sound and title. There is a lot to take in on in Temple of Echo 3, almost an hour of sublime realty distortion. Each selection arranged in unique style, but all held together to make a beautiful emulsion of equanimity and presage.

Temple of Echo 3 is the third in this series by Rambutan. The first goes back to 2014 and is sold out in physical form. The second installment is still available from the Tape Drift Records as well as the third, which this description focuses on. All editions are on compact disc, not sure how many are in the run for Temple of Echo 3. Tape Drift Records also has this available in a batch deal with their one hundredth release included, a Rambutan C47 Cassette titled "The Salt Migration". Some excellent sounds in all forms.

Tape Drift Records site
Rambutan - bandcamp

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