The Hell Hole Store - Three the Hard Way

Darko the Super and iAlive returning together to Already Dead Tapes and Records after a two year hiatus. The Hell Hole Store three is what the wait has been for. The composition dial has swung either way on the previous two releases, beat rich to vocal heavy. Three the Hard Way lands these two artists perfectly balanced on the center notch. Fourteen tracks excellently written and backed with the best grooves so far. Not trying to lessen what has come before, only making note Three the Hard Way is the perfect recipe.

This cassette glides through time, sustaining loft from beats and rhythms through thirty years of existence. The first few tracks are good examples, "Blare In Your Face" has the feel of Three Feet High and Rising. A chilled out hold of the microphone with smooth and playful rhythms to complement. This moves straight away to "Breaking Free", beautifully connecting to Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop. Seriously simple beats with a high focused message of history. This is just a snippet of the sounds from the vast landscape Three the Hard Way extends. Two years in the making, producing a lyrical exchange between Darko the Super and iAlive that is true poetry. There are guests on this cassette, Day Tripper of The Difference Machine, Open Mike Eagle and Height Keech, each spinning Three the Hard Way into a more fantastically intricate web. After listening to this tape for the last week, so many tracks could easily be a favorite, but "Godzilla" still is the beast. Acute lyrics taking down a four story robot with a judo chop, trippy backwards base line and iAlive's use of the word dromedary, "That's the Hell Hole Baby"... a waggish tail of destruction.

Released on cassette just three weeks ago by Already Dead Records and Tapes. Only one hundred in this edition. These will sell out quickly, just as the previous two releases have. Forgot to mention the second track, respect given to Already Dead. Please include mine as well. Thank you.

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