Whettman Chelmets - Doesn't Remember​.​.​.

These are the true sounds lost at sea, from current time stretched back over decades. They have survived the isolated duration, finally washing ashore and being nursed back into current existence. Their stories of burnt days, monstrous waves, ships passing in the distance and infrequent revitalizing precipitation can all be heard. Tones cycle from curious to catastrophic, tranquil to taxing, all collected and reconstructed by Whettman Chelmets. Most of all this is an experience, an aural transcript of time, distance, and the conscious physique.

The newest Whettman Chelmets composition Doesn't Remember​.​.​., speeds through vast amounts of duration and substance. Slightly over twenty one minutes, divided over seven tracks, repeated listens will be desired and necessary. Many of the selections on Doesn't Remember​.​.​. are fragile objects in beautiful states of decay. Almost like creased or torn photographs laid flat on a viewing surface, Whettman Chelmets takes disintegrating sounds and presses them through processing equipment. The result is definitely listenable, but now holds the crazed mosaic of audio stitching needed to hold each selection together. One thing to note, listening to this composition through headphones or just turning up the speakers louder, changes the entire experience. The are many sound shadows in the constructs of Whettman Chelmets, purposefully placed debris around many dimly lit corners. Listening is like exploring a network of old mine passages, there is still sparkle hidden in the walls.

Released on cassette by Strategic Tape Reserve, a calculated edition of twenty five quickly selling out from the label. Fortunately Matt Clements (Whettman Chelmets) has Doesn't Remember​.​.​. in a bundle with another tape titled Giant Eyes and Infant Steps on his bandcamp page. Currently there are only two bundles remaining. If you miss this, there are compact discs available of Doesn't Remember​.​.​. from the Whettman Chelmets bandcamp page as well.

Keep tabs on future release from STR out of Cologne, Germany. Their edition quantities change with each release. Something you fancy might only be in an edition of twenty.

Strategic Tape Reserve link - bandcamp - twitter
Whettman Chelmets - bandcamp - facebook - twitter

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