Ron Thomas and John Swana - Serenity

The deep groove of these sounds come from a future time. A place where cosmic wisps speed past, sending tingles through the consciousness. Rhythmic bass lines propelling the fascination, reaching giant totems that part aside, opening to a weightless jungle. A place of beauty, alien flora and fauna living within a gem of the emptiness. The sojourn touches roots here. This could be the fabled Eden, where tranquility gains its meaning. But with peacefulness, a feeling of uneasiness also lingers. The duality of all things brings awareness and knowledge. Serenity ushers us away, smoothly and delightfully, a round trip journey that needs to be taken many times.

Ron Thomas and John Swana must channel tunes from afar. After repeated listens, still not sure there are descriptive words ready for what is being heard. Four lengthy tracks, the first delivering listeners to Serenity and the last bringing those anointed back. The journey pushes forward with stellar beats, sublime bass and trailing debris. The second track "Rainforest" pushes on the ambient connections from the past. And this thought is even more true for Serenity's longest track "Foundation".  Ron Thomas and John Swana are on their own path, but there seems to almost be a homage for artists like Alio Die and Robert Rich for the terrestrial sounds, maybe Vidna Obmana for the more ethereal. It is also interesting to note the juxtaposition of "Rainforest" and "Foundation", the center of the composition, light and dark, Serenity is different for all. And with this, the last track and also the cassette title, flies off. Bass lines vibrating like heartbeats, thoughts connected to a place only Ron & John can take us.

Released on the GALTTA label from Brooklyn, New York. Serenity must have been on the shelf for a little while, the recording date says 2007. Thank you GALLTA for the work on bringing this one out. Both Ron Thomas and John Swana have extensive experience with their own careers and pairing with many others. Found an album from 2006 with Ron, John and also percussionist Joe Mullen. Titled Cycles, there are correlations to Serenity. The GALLTA release is the more ambient.

In a cassette edition of one hundred and twenty five, copies are available.

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