Towner - Towner EP

A sonic offering divided by four on the new Towner EP. This one plays quick, a seamless navigation finishing up before understanding follows suite. Listen again to hear the depth, song writing, singing, music playing, all distorted and twisted enough to send disjointed spasms of neurons down to the toe for tapping. In the current age of so much music and the constant cloud casting shadows of discontent, thinking the next thing we hear is going to be better forever looms. Bands like Towner are going to get a few seconds of listeners sampling a track and then trudging on, there are no catchy tricks or manipulations to suffice the insatiable needs of the "great sound discoverers". This is an unfortunate situation, that seems to be growing with generations. Getting off track....

I am a big fan of Crush Grove Records. They do not pump out tons of releases, more like tapping a maple tree for syrup. So when a new release comes out, it is still special. Moving forward... The Towner EP landed in the tape deck of the truck, after a full listen, thoughts were of one question. Why did Crush Grove Records go all out on this Towner EP? What did they hear in this mixed genre barrage? This is the point trust in a label and patience is wonderfully beneficial. Towner needed another listen and with only four songs this turned into many listens. Somewhere in the repeats the tumblers clicked and what Crush Grove Records hears became the same for me. There is a strive to understand sounds that do not gain traction after the first time through. This helps answer questions like; why are bands playing this style of music and why would label custodians make concerened efforts to push these sounds out? This is what all the words on this page are for. Slow down read and listen. Someone is saying something good, a label took their time and effort to get this out and most of all, "This World is Yours" Towner. You are a new favorite. Really looking forward to a full length record on Crush Grove.

Cassettes and compact discs are available from Crush Grove's bandcamp page.

Towner has shows coming up in September.


Crush Grove Records site - bandcamp - facebook
Towner - bandcamp - twitter 

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