Natalie Rose LeBrecht - Mandarava Rose

Connecting written descriptions of sound to compositions of ethereal nature is a challenging en devour. As with all music we listen to, aligning our mood and feelings with the sounds being conveyed is most important. Mandarava Rose is special in this sense, after the first few listens the relationship was still distant. A perplexing concern since there is so much talent and beauty being revealed. Changing space and time, removing conceptions of what seems to make sense, basically allowing Natalie Rose LeBrecht to push the conscious margins in the direction she flourishes in, this is the method on the listeners side needing constant heightening. Fortunately we are graced with recordings like this, GALTTA and BLIGHT.Records are two labels that come to mind.

Mandarava Rose is a teacher. Eight lengthy tracks dancing to enlightened cadences. Piano, flute, bells, organ, saxophone and of course vocals, all drifting in the mind's cognition. Sometimes the rhythms fall in place, the sounds diving deep into thoughts. More often these notes and whispering tones collect like a density of scattered fireflies in the distance, dispersing with closer inspection. Within most tracks on Mandarava Rose, fluctuations between what seems real and surreal flow with a most uniform current. A most eminent quality of this composition, comprehensions held in discoverable stasis. Delightful music in complex movements, resting in a place we can take part in, but still outlying in a transcendental sense. Natalie Rose LeBrecht with the musical help from David Lackner, have transcribed dreams in sonic passages, notes of beauty and mystery, feelings connecting all spirits together.

Released on cassette by GALTTA four weeks ago. This is an edition of one hundred and ten with copies still available. From a little bit of research on discogs, which is not a definitive discography authority, Natalie Rose LeBrecht has not had many music releases in the last ten years. The new GALTTA installment makes for a welcomed return.

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