Sewnshut - s/t

Electronic melodies falling through the atmosphere. High frequency waves with tremendous constitution, turbulently dismantled by radiation and molecular density. They reform showing the wear and dissection with subtle masking of their original state. These sounds have traveled far, rhythms used like propulsive thrusts, navigating the celestial debris. They have maintained an illusive quality, a sound filled with the girth of unknown civilizations. These electronic passages find place in the medium of tranquilizing energy. A fabric of sound showing frayed edges, the raw an unfiltered quality completing the seductive mystery.

Sewnshut has been in the cassette player for a while. The moments of the day mingling with one of the eight different tracks. The effect is soothing and mesmerizing. Sewnshut maintains a very consistent vibe through all of the selected variations.  There is a lot to take in on this composition. At times the melodies pierce thoughts, like the track "Quaid". A bumpy ride to a scenic vista. The track "Perceptive Waste" slowly finds the most chilled grooves. The last two tracks, "Regret In Tribute" and "Choke", submerge into the subconscious, rhythms in pace with a heartbeat, melodies drifting away.

This is the project of Lasse Kausland from Molde, Norway. A Sluggish Tapes release in an edition of two hundred and fifty in the beginning of September. Cassettes are available from Sewnshut's bandcamp page. There is a good descriptive write up by Jim Moon for this release on the I Heart Noise website.

Sewnshut - facebook - bandcamp


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