Atletas - Cedros Tanhang

Looking past the water's surface, the sunlight diminishes as the depth increases. There, far down below is an outline of melodies, curious and engaging like the framework of a wooden ship's hull. The wind breathes across the water, everything wavers and becomes distorted, full illumination held back as surface area increases. Slowly the melodies reappear again in true guise, briefly being absorbed as they were originally composed. Cedros Tanhang holds these properties. Sweet, beautiful, and melodic, beneath a loop, vocal sample and rumble, all a further evolution of the sound.

This is the project of Atletas (Mario Cascardo) and Babe, Terror (Claudio Szynkier), a lengthy nine track composition titled Cedros Tanhang. Offerings that take thoughts in all directions. A carefree and tranquil complexity of talent. Simple elegant rhythms, meticulously flowing like a current below layers of energetic thought. Mario and Claudio, figures above the rhythms, pop, ambient, glitch, samba, psychedelic, all molded with a the sublime grandiose of a classical piece written for orchestra. But, genres are completely lost, barely recognizable flotsam in a sparkling sea of fresh water.  Cedros Tanhang is intricate, tangled and involved while maintaining a very warm sweetness from start to finish. Excellent construct by Atletas and Babe, Terror, a body of work suite for many repeat listens.

Released on the newly established label, Municipal K7 from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil.
The Atletas release is their first in a catalog planned for more releases very soon. A limited run of only fifty Cedros Tanhang cassettes, currently available in a few days. Listen and keep and ear on Municipal K7. More beautiful sounds like these on the way.   

Municipal K7 - facebook - bandcamp - twitter


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