Billy N' Dave - Share My Chaise

The years have generously poured through time, sounds have been lost and found again. With each excavation of these sonic waves, we find a most desired fermentation surrounding them. Share My Chaise is the newest release from the GALTTA label, and like everything before, filled with smooth delivered wisdom. David Lackner and Billy G. Robinson finding accord and adding finely honed patience and experience to a base of sounds most of us easily identify with.

Share My Chaise flows with ease throughout the composition, melodies ironing out wrinkles and elevating sound threads. Some tracks like "Lost Without Your Love" and "Trust" transport listeners back to the 70's, to a place where vibrant funk has been baked away, leaving the smooth glaze of expert craftsmen. "VHS II" and "Low" pulling from the experimental future, samples across an ethereal backdrop of FM radio on late night drives. Rhythms finding various speeds on cruise control settings, with "Cul De Sac" and "Lovers Paradise", these are welled received sublime tranquilizers before the end approaches all too quickly.  Walking away in the night, Billy and Dave disappear in the backdrop of the longest and most chilled selection titled "For Sharon". Everything in perfect proportions, Share My Chaise is ready to flip and go again.

The first GALTTA release of 2020 is a high bar to climb up to again. But with the love of music heard on every GALTTA release so far, this is not going to be hard work, just more fun. Share My Chaise is in cassette physical form in an edition of one hundred and fifteen. Copies are currently available. 

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