Figured - Clehft

Listen to the sounds swelling from the depths. There is a presence resonating in unimaginable fashion. Blackness corrupted by droning turmoil, all that is free above pulled downward. The sustained notes wobble and drop away, then escalate into screeching streaks. Sounds in opposite directions, all slowly swirling around and immense singularity. This sonic pathway is dark, but all who listen have inner sight. Figured directs these alien musings with intense creativity. A wall of powerful sound held delicately in two musician's thoughts.

Clehft is an incredibly fresh aural landscape. Ian McColm and Zach Rowden as Figured, hold the attention of all who listen. Both musicians fluent in many instruments, choosing modular synth (Ian) upright bass (Zach). A combination of both talent and wise choices, crafting beautifully rich sounds that hardly seem to try.  Meaning these passages are simple channeling of inner creativity. The effort similar to taking a stroll or basking in the sun. Not to push thoughts that Figured is tranquility unveiled, but more to make the realization both Ian and Zach have a combined output of a beautifully unique cacophonous warmth. Their directions are exotic, filled with drumless voodoo on storm torn beaches. Never too much, they find solace in some unexplained natural state. Just listen and find out.

Released on Pidgeon Records in an edition of one hundred. Copies are currently available. do not procrastinate, Clehft  is an amazing body of work. If Figured gets together for another composition, it will be because this tape is sold out. So count on both.


Zach Rowden - facebook - bandcamp
Ian McColm site- facebook
Pidgeon Records 


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