Pet The Tiger / Brian Lucas - Gaze Emanations

Sounds emanating from artwork is a frontier left for creative interpretation and skilled means of channeling. The artists who make up the project Pet The Tiger are the select crew you would want on this en devour. Surely Brian Lucas, the artists who created all of these drawings, felt at ease when the creation of this "soundtrack" was discussed.

Gaze Emanations has no boundaries, but this does not mean these sonic craftings are scattered or chaotic. Looking at the artwork created by Brian Lucas, there is a format and method that bonds all of the drawings together. The project Pet The Tiger was thoughtful with each selection. With eight musicians working together to portray in sound one artist's renderings, there is a sense of concise appreciation for the entire process. Of the group, three artists are highly adept at creating there own instruments. Two musicians specializing in percussion, one with saxophones, one with trumpet and electronics and the last with the incredible voice. To accurately describe in words, what musical artists are describing in sound, of the drawings another artist created, seems futile. Maybe to summarize, as far out as these sounds are, they are still very drawn in. This is not vibrant bedlam, instead aural introspective conception with patient individuals who add just the right amount. Their sum of sound together is still less than many would compile on their own. That is how good this is.

If you really want to blown away, just click on the links for each artist below. Tried to find the most pertinent sites for each person rather than all facebook pages. Tackle that task, listen and look at the pictures below while experiencing. The titles to the drawings are the same as the titles to each track. "Radial Garden" is the cover picture and "Here Comes Everybody" has two tracks. 

Pet The Tiger
David Samas - voice
Tom Djll - trumpet and circuit-bent electronics
Cheryl Leonard - invented instruments
Phillip Wayne Greenlief - saxophones
Gino Robair - prepared and found percussion
Tom Nunn - invented instruments
Suki O'Kane - prepared and found percussion
Bryan Day - invented instruments

Brian Lucas
Brian Lucas - Drawings

This compact disc and drawings are exceptionally well done. If you are unfamiliar with the label Public Eyesore, this will be the best way to get in step. Gaze Emanations embodies the love of creating sound and art, what Public Eyesore is dedicated to.
Here is the page to order.

Public Eyesore site - facebook


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