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In the dissolving darkness of the earliest part of the morning, the still quietness is effortlessly interrupted. In an almost unnoticeable amount, the aural blanket is pulled from the landscape it covers. What once was a soundscape of timeless naturalness, now becomes exponentially infiltrated by civilizations peculiarities. Natures drone fights back during the coarse of the day, at unexpected intervals of both time and place. These moments of reflection sporadically provide solace from voices and machinery. Until the sun falls, "progress" becomes tired, and the ambience of countless eons returns again. 

Angel Archer bends sonic worlds. From horns of tribal ceremonies to atmospheric debris pinging across the mesosphere, melodies blend and merge together. Drone parting like swiftly moving clouds as notes flood the sky. Angel Archer is rich with texture and this is distributed with patience across four long tracks. An extremely well composed album taking sonic extremities into central focus. A listening space where puzzle pieces from different worlds fit together seamlessly. Thoughts race with mystery and wonder, while the tranquility within keeps a comfortable pulse. With a life of experience multiplied by three, Brian Lucas, Sheila Bosco and Gregory Hagan have created a mesmerizing array of aural energy. Together they push the thresholds of understanding in the most enjoyable manner.

Released on Tape Drift Records and currently available. Digital as well as a limited edition compact disc. From Angel Archers bandcamp page, this looks like their first recording under the project moniker. There are a few live sessions and a video, but this is the only physical edition from there output. Copies are available from the Tape Drift Records site solo or in a batch with Diazemum.

Angel Archer - bandcamp  


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