dennis young - bella

Perched on a tight power line, a row of birds sit whispering in an unknown tongue. Innocence is in flight or in a pair together, this many all facing in one direction causes concern. Nearby and also under tension, is an aged rope bridge spanning the deep gorge, no the planks are not broken, only a gathering of birds on the south braided handrail. They are facing inward and whispering again. Cables pulled until dangerously taunt, a single pluck or external strike causing a wavering vibration, only diminishing after traveling unseen distances. A bird landing on the power line or bridge has a mass so small, the vibrations they create would seem negligible, but the realty is far from the truth. A micro sound wave is set forth, messages in unknown form. It could be methods for species propagation, but the tones are far more sinister. Dennis Young has tapped into something truly unique. Sounds from the wires, cryptic and disquieting, beautiful but harboring timbre that warps the consciousness. 
There are moments on bella where the sounds fall into a perfect place. An aural field causing the mind and body to become limp. These segments seamlessly blur with the dazzling heights Dennis Young attains. Mutated strings sounding dangerously precarious, but then Mr. Young provides a drop of Dramamine in a Chamomile tea. The listening space expands, reaching through thoughts, finding solace in the acceptable threshold. A well balanced composition, staking control points for a sonic survey that extends beyond what most are accustomed too. Vibrant messages through stretched strings, telling stories of busy streets where tension is augmented by heat and humidity. Of nights where rows of street lights disappear into the distance, and afar, someone walking on the sidewalk holding something that glistens in the artificial illumination. These are descriptions of Dennis Young's sounds created after spending time with this record. The beauty of bella is how pliable the composition is. A different listener, another time and place, this body of work will stir completely different images and thoughts. Like a poem by John Donne, these are metaphysical sounds for future music scholars and adventurous minds.
Elevator Bath took all the love and time to put these excellent sounds on beautiful clear vinyl. The artwork is by John Raux and the dedication is to late DC Recordings curator James Dyer. Mastering by  Alan Jones at Laminal Audio. This vinyl edition is in a run of two hundred and ninety three. Copies are currently available from Colin Sheffield at Elevator Bath headquarters.