Pressure escaping from contained mediums, a pipe organ with valves sparkling in prismatic chaos. WARM ENOUGH fills the aural space with an inner sense of ecstasy. Ambient melodies hanging like glistening droplets of water after the sun returns from a brief rain. A natural rhythm begins, insects with timeless pronunciations of their locations, reptiles following suite. For SELVEDGE, a pattern of strings croaking in low groovy lilt. The drone takes hold again, humid heat interfered by slender icicles bursting in air. The foundational colors of a turning kaleidoscope disappearing for an intense moment of oneness with the viewing eye.

SELVEDGE burns like a dancing sonic flame. Ten tracks oscillating with endless energy, melodies effortlessly illuminating thoughts. Each track title harkening to the grip of winter, its isolationism and monotonous nature. WARM ENOUGH has some aspects of drone rationed away, but the strong pulse of the crystalline formations steadily falls into the consciousness of listeners. A fine blanket of individualized notes settling across vast distances in both space and time. This composition holds strength in its absolute singularity. Mesmerizing melodies with heavy gravity. Enough to pull the mind in new directions, away from responsibilities and commotion. Maybe to that cabin surrounded by snow or possibly to a place we periodically encounter in dreams. The title WARM ENOUGH almost reads like a question, but after listening, this is truly a statement.

Released on Mystic Timbre just a short while ago. The beautiful cassette copies have unfortunately sold out. Fortunately, we can still listen and follow both Chance Dibben the artist and the Austin, Texas label Mystic Timbre.

Mystic Timbre - bandcamp