TROU - Grjòthaugr

The powerful hum of engines at work, tireless and consistent to measures blurred by time. To truly experience this long meditative drone would mean a journey is in process. Listen... there are infinite worlds within these sounds. These realities mirror the infinite worlds opening in each of our consciousnesses. Somewhere deep within this sonic current, a pulse can be heard. A rhythm that permeates the cosmos through the smallest components of the atom. This is the sound of continual energy being compressed and stretched through time. As this energy radiates monumental might, thoughts surf to the highest places, then plummet beneath all we know. Grjòthaugr is a manifestation of aural pathways each listener will discover for themselves. The connection is for each of us alone.
Three lengthy tracks constructed of the most heavy fibers. TROU constructs a dense composition, a drone singularity for select listeners. Sonic fortitude within the darkest reaches and fortunately a high constitution to carry each mind through the void. Most people will never give Grjòthaugr a chance. Infinite repetitiveness creating an all encompassing ambient static. A sonic formula etched on stone tablets by ancient civilizations. Conceptual sounds providing abilities to help travel outside of temporal existence. Yes, most are not ready, but for those who are Grjòthaugr is something very special. Like a well blended protein drink for the mind, TROU has perfected this nourishing recipe. 

Released on No Part Of It just a few months ago. This is a reissue of what was originally released on cassettes by this French project back in 2017. Those tapes are long dispersed, leaving Grjòthaugr difficult to hear until Arvo Zylo and No Part Of It produced a run of pro compact disc - recordable editions. Copies are currently available individually or in a batch offering from the label.



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