Günter Schlienz - Mutterkuchen

The vibrant orange sky casts it's majestic colors in unequaled grandeur. Prismatic pageantry of both dawn and dusk comes infrequently and always with patient speed. A moment of pinnacle delight, when the fiery orange hue burns with a glow that can only diminish. In order to experience this, we must set aside the time to observe. Then, the beauty absorbed prompts the question, "why would i ever miss this?". The refraction of the sun's radiance through long runs of atmosphere and a density of exhumed particles happens twice every day, yet most view this natural event on seldom occasions. Günter Schlienz has tapped into the rhythm of natural beauty. The place where sublime sounds fill thoughts and cause tension to flee. Sonic equivalence to the breath we take and never think about or the love we give with passion and true joy. Sounds as simple elixirs of raw energy. A current of tranquility speckled with swirling eddies and sparkling delight. 

Mutterkuchen is four tracks in just under forty minutes. Heartfelt and playful, a combination that works for the enjoyment of all. Like the sun setting or rising, this composition is waiting for the moment top be heard. Starting off with "Bach", a selection resting in the pivot of classically structured music and the electronic expanse. A stoic Mr. Schlienze, dressed in black tails with hands outstretched playing the Theremin to an audience mesmerized with wonder. "Spoonful of Stars" drifts in the cosmos. Mathematical equations of density, orbits and gravity hold court while the nexus of the unknown streaks across empty space. A seam rips open to another dimension with a shuddering creak, harmonic beauty pours through. The longest track "Komische Musik", oscillates with orchestral majesty. Like an opera recited by gas giants across distances no one truly understands. Energy speaking to energy, molded by time and physics. This is a special listen and so worth setting aside the time.

Released in an edition of one hundred by the Los Angeles, California label Auasca. Mutterkuchen is currently available in cassette in original cassette format. Lots of good releases on the label to explore as well. 


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