Tristan Magnetique - 3

The sun's radiant energy reflects from a softly moving water surface. Small ripples providing perfect motion for a sparkling spectacle of light. The wind picks up causing the surface to become rough and steal serenity away for a moment. On the third release by Tristan Magnetique, listeners are treated to sounds from a Casio CZ101 in the most sublime fashion. A strange breeze of music noir ushering in and billowing away these synthetic sagas. The heart of these sounds are like a lake or inland body of water, an expansive aural dance of sonic radiance reflected in mesmerizing splendor.

This is composition is simply titled 3. Two selections divided almost equally in over thirty minutes of melodies. Tristan Magnetique takes twisting notes and weaves them together to form unique strength. With a wisely subtle command of the keyboard, Tristan Magnetique is like a modern Virgil Fox. In today's appreciation of music, listeners look for these releases to lead the conscious away from cacophony of current civilization, not revive works of Bach with a "Heavy Organ" concert. With the third installment of this project, the path has become even more clear. The most palatable psychedelic passages helping reposition current views of the world around us. Go ahead and take the third dose, a little shorter in length from the first two, but equally as soothing.
This is a Muzan Editions out of Nara, Japan. Part of the summer batch, Tristan Magnetique 3 is sold out from the label. Not sure how tapes there are in a Muzan Editions releases, but they all sell out in a short amount of time. Fortunately Günter Schlienz has physical copies available on his bandcamp page. You can also pick up a very recent release titled Orphée Aux Enfers that was put out on the Moon Glyph label. Both compositions are beautiful and different.   


tristan magnetique - bandcamp
Muzan Editions - bandcamp